12 Days of Christmas

Fun to write a wine piece with this title! Why? Well, there are 12 bottles of wine in a case (or sometimes six, so you can just tape two together…)

Until this very moment, and possibly linked to the fact that I did not have a religious upbringing, I thought the 12 Days of Christmas culminated in the 12th day being Christmas Day. Wrong. The first day of Christmas is apparently Christmas Day and the 12th is, well, 12 days later.

Anyway – you can keep your various birds, leaping lords and maids-a-milking as I’d much prefer a dozen wines. Far less hassle and infinitely more enjoyable (although the five gold rings wouldn’t go amiss… have you seen the price of gold recently?)

So, here goes…you know the tune….

On the first day of Christmas, the glass I want the most

Is a bubbles so we can drink a toast

On the second day of Christmas, a rosé works a treat

And pairs well with anything we eat

On the third day of Christmas, I think a Gris is best

It should pass the curried turkey test

On the fourth day of Christmas, a Marlborough Savvy Blanc

With seafood it is the perfect plonk

On the fifth day of Christmas, a red will do the trick

A ripe Pinot Noir would be my pick

On the sixth day of Christmas, it’s Riesling that I crave

Chilled, it’s perfect for in a heat wave!

On the seventh day of Christmas, another Pinot Gris

‘Cos everyone enjoys it (not just me)!

On the eighth day of Christmas, I want a statement wine

A Gewurztraminer will suit me fine

On the ninth day of Christmas, something a little sweet?

A late Harvest Riesling’s such a treat!

On the tenth day of Christmas, a ripe Hawke’s Bay Syrah

With barbecues it really is on par

On the eleventh day of Christmas, it’s Chardonnay for me

It’s great with cheese especially French brie

On the twelfth day of Christmas, I’ll take a Viognier

Even though many find it hard to say

So in summary – there is a wine for any occasion – Christmas or not! Wine is for sharing and enjoying with friends and family and of course, great food. Why not use the festive season to try out a few different styles?

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