• Five minutes with Donna




    Donna is a ray of sunshine in the office. Always a smile and a quip – her favourite one being ’You can’t rush progress!’ Supportive of everything and everyone, she is a great team player. When not working she loves family life with her husband and two sons.



    Lying on the beach or skiing down a mountain?  Gawd me on ski’s, dangerous for both my health and those on the mountain, as for lying on a beach, everyone would need rose coloured glasses for sure
    Cake or biscuits? You know I love sweet stuff, I’m a shocker.
    Beef or lamb? I can do justice to either, brought up on a farm I’m good with both.
    Rock or pop? I love music in general, country rock is always a fave.
    Football or rugby? Don’t tell my boys but I grew up playing rugby.
    Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc? Being versatile anything goes, although I do love our Reserve Chardonnay.
    Comedy or thriller? A good thriller as long as there is the mute button on the TV remote nearby, I’m a screamer otherwise.
    Jason Stratham or Daniel Craig? Do you need to even ask, Jason Stratham for sure.
    TV1 or TV3? I’m a TV1 fan.
    Late nights or early mornings? Pretty much both!
    Retro or contemporary? I’m not really sure, I think I’m more contemporary, but do like a little retro.

  • Five minutes with Marcus

    Marcus Wright




    Marcus is our Chief Winemaker. Usually in, on or under the water when not in the winery, he coaches underwater hockey and loves to fish and dive.




    Tea or coffee? Silly question
    Cereal or toast? Toast
    Fish or meat? Seafood of all kinds. Preferably harvested myself
    Veg or fruit? Both
    Burgundy or Bordeaux? Both, but if I had to choose it’s got to be Burgundy, both white and red
    Read or listen? OMG Both!
    Vinyl or CD? Vinyl
    Spontaneous or planned? Meticulously planned or very last minute depending.
    Late nights or early mornings? Pretty much both!
    Run or bike? I’m my happiest in the water so UWH/swimming/freediving

  • Five minutes with Bec

    Rebecca Wiffen




    Bec is our Assistant Winemaker and when she isn’t in the winery, she’s running around after her two young children or looking after things on her farm. She’s a busy lady with a passion for watching sport and organising the local Wine Options competition!



    Tea or coffee? Coffee in the morning, tea any time after 3pm – I like my sleep!
    Cats or dogs? Cats and dogs, I have two of each. My cats are both mixtures and my dogs are a Kelpie (with a, hopefully, mended snapped achilles) and a Beardy sheep dog – old and retired!
    Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc? Chardonnay!!!
    Shorts or pants? Shorts! Pants are for July, I say!
    Cake or muffins? Cake, the more chocolate the better
    Vegemite or Marmite? Vegemite (but I prefer boysenberry or raspberry jam!)
    Beef or lamb? Both, yum, home killed straight off the farm
    Gin or vodka? GIN!
    TV or Netflix? Happy to watch either but I do like a good series on Netflix. I seem to have lost the patience to wait for anything to be on TV!
    Book or a magazine? Magazine… The trashier the better!

  • Five minutes with Sion

    Sion Barnsley



    Sion is our General Manager and he’s also a shareholder. His name is a Welsh form of the given name John, pronounced in English identically to the Irish name Seán.

    When not in his office, Sion likes to be at his bach in the Sounds, or even better, out on his boat (or somebody else’s!)



    Summer or winter? Summer
    Mornings or evenings? Mornings
    Rice or pasta? Rice
    Sparkling or still? Still
    Fiction or non-fiction? Non-ficton
    Cook or clean up? Cook
    Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling? Sauvignon Blanc
    Cheese or dessert? Dessert
    Beanie or cap? Cap
    Soccer or rugby? Soccer

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