Estate range

Created for every day enjoyment, the Estate Range offers an authentic representation of both the grape variety and the region in which they are grown. This is achieved through a variety of vineyard management techniques including yield control. Once in the winery, the fruit undergoes minimal handling thereby retaining the candid influence from each vineyard, all of which have a role to play in the final blend of each wine. The fresh presentation embraces traditional elements while incorporating them within a contemporary, smart design. Shop the range

Reserve range

These wines are crafted from select vineyards and parcels of fruit that show distinctive characters in a given year. These characters allow our winemaker, Marcus to have more winemaking influence. This might be the use of oak, indigenous yeasts, lees-stirring and other techniques, resulting in wines that while true to the varietal, have a deeper level of complexity. These wines are created for any occasion where something a bit special is called for. Shop the range

The Pioneer

Initially created to acknowledge founder, Ross Lawson’s pioneering spirit, this range of wines embraces the more innovative side of winemaking. Only produced in outstanding years, small parcels of fruit are identified in our vineyards and carefully treated to a number of special techniques. These techniques are designed to enhance each parcel’s particular attributes, resulting in wines that are a real statement. In addition to outstanding aromatics and flavour, there is a strong focus on texture, delivering wines that not only smell and taste incredible, but leave a lasting impression from their rich mouth-feel. Shop the range

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