Jun 20, 2017

Marlborough is one of the world’s most consistent grape-growing regions when it comes to the climate. Known  for the long growing season with hot days and cool nights deep into autumn, wines from this province continue to thrill the world.

This year, the season wasn’t quite as predictable and this gave our skilled viticultural and winemaking teams the chance to draw on their expertise and really shine.

From bud-burst on, the 2017 growing season was warm and dry which led to good flowering and fruit set. Summer arrived with typically warm days, although there was above average rainfall during February and again during April.

Vintage started for us with the harvest of the Pinot Noir for the Rosé, then Pinot Gris  and Chardonnay, all of which were in perfect condition. Each varietal showed lovely, authentic flavours and moderate brix levels.

The rest of the Pinot Noir was picked revealing intense flavours and colour, we are excited about all these wines, all of which show great promise.In between these varieties we made several picks of Gewürztraminer and Riesling, the Riesling in particular had a little botrytis which will give the wine a desirable hint of nectarine and apricot as well as added complexity and mouthfeel.

Our carefully managed yields meant we achieved satisfactory ripeness levels and could therefore harvest the Sauvignon Blanc before the major rain period had a significant effect on the fruit quality. This is also when our autonomy really gave us a huge advantage, our ability to pick and crush with no reliance on outside sources allowed us to harvest each vineyard block at its optimum.

The resulting wines possess lovely, lifted passionfruit characters and will display the typically pronounced varietal characters and the flavour profiles that we know our customers enjoy.

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