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6 sustainability suggestions for a more ecofriendly festive season

We’ve consciously been reducing our carbon footprint for more than a decade with sustainability embedded in everything we do. Every year we fine tune our activities so that we are continuously making improvements. Our team is actively helping us to measurably reduce our waste, and everyone is on board, helping us make a difference.

As a small, hands-on team, we are very aware of everything that we do, even more so as we don’t outsource anything! Our autonomy gives us control, accountability and responsibility and that’s just how we like it.

Christmas is a time of the year that brings great joy, but it also brings more waste. Here are some thoughts we have for a more sustainable Christmas.

  1. Reduce food waste: Plan your meals ahead of time, make a shopping list, and only buy what you and your friends and family need. If you have leftovers, consider donating them to a local food bank or composting them. We have a worm farm on site for all the veggie kitchen scraps from our lunch and morning tea food scraps. If you don’t have a worm farm, consider digging your scraps in. It does wonders for the soil and the microorganisms love it.
  2. Choose eco-friendly gifts: Opt for gifts that are made from sustainable materials, such as bamboo, recycled materials, or organic cotton. You can also consider giving experiences instead of physical gifts, such as tickets to events in your area.
  3. Recycle: Recycle your wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, and plastic packaging that you receive. You can also reuse gift bags and boxes for future gift giving.
  4. Buy a real Christmas tree: If you’re going to buy a Christmas tree, opt for a real one instead of an artificial one. Real trees are biodegradable and can be recycled or composted after the holidays. Either that or just reuse the same artificial one every year.
  5. Buy NZ made: It supports local businesses and craftmanship and reduces freight travel miles too.
  6. Support sustainable businesses: Support businesses that prioritise sustainability. At Lawson’s Dry Hills we have one of the lowest uses of power and water per litre of wine produced. We also think carefully about our packaging choices. Our lightweight bottles are made in New Zealand with a minimum of 60% recycled content and the paper for our wine labels comes from certified, sustainably managed forests.  Our cartons are made from 100% recycled fibre and our pallet shrink-wrap is 100% biodegradable.

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Gold Medal & Trophy Winner

We’re delighted that our Reserve Chardonnay was awarded a Gold medal and the Marlborough Chardonnay Trophy at the recent 2023 International Wine Challenge (IWC).

Now in its 39th year, the IWC is accepted as the world’s most rigorous, impartial and influential annual wine competition.

Well done team!