Welcome to our catalogue where you can find information about our brand, company and personnel. We are proud to be autonomous in our business, from grapes to the glass, we own every part of the process. Vineyards, winemaking, bottling and distribution – it’s all done by us.

You will find all the tasting sheets including technical information under Our wines. If there is anything else you require, please contact Belinda, our Group Marketing Manager at the office on 03 578 7674 or by emailing [email protected], we’re only too happy to help.

Thank you for considering our wines – we would be proud to be part of your business.

Here’s a few ordering and delivery guidelines:

Freight charges

We will cover freight charges on all orders except those that require overnight delivery to the North Island.

Ordering quantities

We ask for a minimum order of one case – be that 12 x 750mls or 6 x 750mls depending on the wine.


We will attempt to get your order to you as soon as possible, but please allow a minimum of two days. Please ensure your orders are placed by 11am for two day delivery from the time the order is placed. We can’t guarantee this if the order is placed after 11am.

How to order

You are welcome to call us on 03 578 7674 or email us [email protected] or contact your sales person who can process your order immediately.


Our sales team

Region Sales Person Phone Email
Auckland Shane Lea 022 639 3880 [email protected]
Central N.I. Ian Isaacs 021 676 433 [email protected]
Wellington region Christine Shelton 0274 502 058 [email protected]
Nelson Morwenna Hodges 021 108 8440 [email protected]
Blenheim Nevena Ivanova 03 578 7674 [email protected]
Christchurch and South Alistair Picton-Warlow 027 579 9463 [email protected]


About us

Lawson’s Dry Hills has always made a difference. From our humble, yet pioneering start over 25 years ago to the range of world-class wines we make today, we’ve always explored what we can do differently, do better. Our small team lives and breathes every part of the process, driven by our hands-on, sustainable approach and our inquisitive minds. From nurturing the grapes in our Marlborough vineyards through every aspect of winemaking, we talk, we taste and we talk some more – pouring our shared inspiration into every bottle, each of us making a contribution. And just quietly, judging by the number of global awards our wines receive every year, this collaborative yet inquiring approach is the difference between good and great.

The Estate Range


Created for every day enjoyment, the Estate Range offers an authentic representation of both the grape variety and the region in which they are grown. This is achieved through a variety of vineyard management techniques including yield control.

Once in the winery, the fruit undergoes minimal handling thereby retaining the candid influence from each vineyard, all of which have a role to play in the final blend of each wine.

The fresh presentation embraces traditional elements while incorporating them in a contemporary, smart design.



The Reserve Range


These wines are crafted from select vineyards and parcels of fruit that show distinctive characters in a given year. These characters, such as increased level of flavour intensity, allow our winemaker, Marcus to have more winemaking influence. This might be the use of oak, indigenous yeasts, lees-stirring and other techniques, resulting in wines that while true to the varietal, have a deeper level of complexity.

These wines are created for any occasion where something a bit special is called for. The predominantly black label offers traditional wine cues, yet exudes a degree of exclusivity, but without being too highbrow.



The Pioneer range


Initially created to acknowledge founder, Ross Lawson’s pioneering spirit, this range of wines embraces the more innovative side of winemaking and is only made in exceptional years. Small parcels of fruit are identified in our vineyards and carefully treated to a number of special techniques. These techniques are designed to enhance each parcel’s particular attributes, resulting in wines that are a real statement. In addition to outstanding aromatics and flavour, there is a strong focus on texture, delivering wines that not only smell and taste incredible, but leave a lasting impression from their rich mouth-feel.




Wine Style Price per bottle Bottles per case Case cost
Lawson’s Dry Hills Riesling $11.20 12 $134.40
Lawson’s Dry Hills Chardonnay $11.20 12 $134.40
Lawson’s Dry Hills Sauvignon Blanc $11.20 12 $134.40
Lawson’s Dry Hills Pinot Gris $11.20 12 $134.40
Lawson’s Dry Hills Pinot Rose $11.20 12 $134.40
Lawson’s Dry Hills Gewurztraminer $13.80 12 $165.60
Lawson’s Dry Hills Pinot Noir $13.80 12 $165.60
Lawson’s Dry Hills Reserve Sauvignon Blanc $15.00 6 $90.00
Lawson’s Dry Hills Reserve Pinot Gris $15.00 6 $90.00
Lawson’s Dry Hills Reserve Chardonnay $15.50 6 $93.00
Lawson’s Dry Hills Reserve Pinot Noir $16.50 6 $99.00
Lawson’s Dry Hills Pioneer Pinot Gris $17.65 6 $105.90
Lawson’s Dry Hills Pioneer Gewurztraminer $17.65 6 $105.90
Lawson’s Dry Hills Pioneer Pinot Noir $22.00 6 $132.00

Terms & Conditions

Lawson’s Dry Hills Wines Ltd agrees to supply and the purchaser agrees to order goods in accordance with the general conditions below:

Interpretation: ‘The Seller’ is Lawson’s Dry Hills Wines Ltd, ‘The Purchaser’ is the applicant, firm or company purchasing from ‘The Seller’.

Prices: Prices quoted in the The Seller’s published Trade Catalogue or given by representatives of The Sellers are subject to change without notice and are not binding on the seller. All goods are charged at the applicable pricing at the date upon which The Purchaser places the order. Prices are exclusive of GST (and freight where applicable).

Terms of Payment: Where The Purchaser has a credit account with The Seller, goods must be paid for in full on or before 20th of the month following the date of invoice. In the event on non-payment of an account, interest may be charged on a daily basis of 2.5%. Until The Purchaser has paid for the goods in full, The Seller retains ownership of said goods.

Supply of goods: The Seller may terminate or cease supply of goods at any time, at their discretion

Delivery: Delivery is ex winery. The Seller is responsible for the goods only until they are delivered to the address specified by The Purchaser. The Seller will use all reasonable endeavours to meet The Purchaser’s delivery requirements but cannot be liable to The Purchaser for any loss, damage, delayed or non-delivery. It is The Purchaser’s responsibility to check goods on delivery and notify The Seller immediately should there be any breakages or discrepancies. The Purchaser is deemed to have accepted the goods and pricing of said goods unless The Purchaser notifies The Seller within 48 hours of delivery.

Non-availability: The Seller will make every effort to supply goods as ordered by The Purchaser, however The Seller shall not be held liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of non-availability of stock or of a vintage change.

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