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Crafting Stories from the Heart: A Conversation with Glen from “The Lobe”

Meet Glen Turner, self-taught artist from Christchurch, whose creative haven at “The Lobe” is dedicated to sustainability and storytelling through art. Glen’s work, centered around breathing life into recycled materials, is a vibrant celebration of history, resilience and the beauty found in the discarded.

The Artistic Journey

Q: How did you become an artist?

A: Throughout my life, I’ve been a tinkerer, creating and building on my days off from my job as a Paramedic. After moving to New Zealand, I decided to focus on what I enjoyed the most – the flexible world of art. It’s a mix of excitement, challenge and perseverance that makes it so rewarding.

Behind the Scenes

Q: What is your creative process like?

A: It usually starts with a cup of coffee and some contemplation. I enjoy the challenge of difficult pieces and my process involves cutting plywood, arranging timber pieces, and creating patterns that contribute to the visual narrative. Detailed cuts spark design ideas, and once the pieces are glued, I proceed to paint, sand, and finish the timber. Knowing how the timber influences my colour palette helps create balanced and original work.

Timber is often salvaged from post-earthquake demolitions, family home renovations, and discarded furniture. These materials carry stories of their own, and I incorporate them without any initial drawing or sketching. The organic process results in evocative artworks that speak to the beauty of sustainability.

Inspiration Unveiled

Q: What inspires your work?

A: My work is inspired by colours and patterns in everything around us, with a keen eye for the often-unseen contrast between the natural and built environment. Light plays a crucial role, highlighting contrast and texture within each piece. While I primarily use recycled timber, I’m continually inspired by other materials and mediums, always exploring possibilities.

Timeless Creations

Q: How long does a piece take to create?

A: Depending on size, timber and detail, it can take one to two weeks for smaller pieces or a few months for larger, intricate commissions. Some ideas linger for years before I figure out how to bring them to life, adding a timeless touch to the creative process.

Making Art Personal

Q: Do you take commissions?

A: Absolutely! A significant portion of my work is commission-based, offering limited slots throughout the year. Beyond commissions, I contribute to group exhibitions in major cities. For those in Christchurch, my studio at ‘The Lobe’ is open for art enthusiasts to view and purchase my work.

Glen’s artistic journey is not just about creating visually stunning pieces but about crafting stories from the heart. The recycled materials add a layer to his work, turning each creation into a unique and meaningful testament to sustainability and resilience. Visit ‘The Lobe’ to witness the magic firsthand and perhaps bring home a piece of Glen’s unique vision for your space.

Glen will be at the Christchurch show FRIDAY 8 March – SUNDAY 10 March 2024. Come along to the opening night, meet the artists and vote for your favourite artwork in the Lawson’s Dry Hills Wines PINK People’s Choice Award (official wine partner of the show!). And enjoy a tipple of Lawsons’ Dry Hills PINK too.

Check out more of Glen’s work at Facebook and Instagram!


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