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Creating Nature with Nature

Artworks made with shades of New Zealand Sand

When you look at Hamilton-based artist Nancy Tschetner’s detailed scenes of nature, it’s incredible to think that they are made from sand!

Over the last 20 years, Nancy has developed a distinctive style that relies on the use of over 150 different shades and structures of New Zealand and international sand. “Each grain becomes part of a larger image that represents the strength and vision that can be achieved when we come together,” Nancy says.

artist Nancy Tschetner working with sand 20220424 1000px

With the sparkly texture and depth of the sand, Nancy brings any subject to life and captures the distinctive attributes of that special being and the fleeting magic of a place or memory. Her pieces often incorporate mixed media, such as crushed glass and shades of gold leaf, to highlight certain details and colours not available through sand alone.

Her artwork transforms with each passing moment, as the light catches the glimmering sand and the radiant glow of gold leaf.

“I am a sunrise and sunset chaser; I am intrigued and energized by light, whether that is reflections and glistening on the water, the stars, sunrays breaking through the clouds, or lighting, I am endlessly fascinated by the play of light and the treasures of nature, and love to capture these for everyone to enjoy,” Nancy says.

Popular with the crowd at the Christchurch Art Show Across Aotearoa show, Nancy was awarded the Lawson’s Dry Hills PINK People’s choice with “Find your Balance”!

“FIND YOUR BALANCE” by Nancy Tschetner was inspired by the notes on the bottle of Lawson's luscious Pink Pinot. In this photo Nancy stands beside her winning painting with her Lawson's Dry Hills PINK People's choice award 2024 and a bottle of PINK Pinot in the hand.
“FIND YOUR BALANCE” was inspired by the notes on the bottle of Lawson’s luscious Pink Pinot.

Having received several awards throughout her career, Nancy says “one of the most notable one included representing New Zealand in the International Women’s Art Exhibition for World Women’s Day 2018 in Dubai with my artwork ‘Together’.”

Repurposing natural resources

Nature has always been a big part of Nancy’s life. She grew up in a small village in east Germany, in the state called Thüringen, also dubbed “The Green Heart of Germany”. “My grandad and uncle were painters, so you could say creativity runs in the family”, she says.

Nancy was instilled with a mindset of repurposing and minimizing waste from an early age. Whether “I love the challenge of repurposing, whether it is working with food or designing and sewing clothing or working with other materials I always find a way to infuse that into my style.

An adventurous spirit and love for nature led Nancy to New Zealand in 2003, Where she quickly fell in love with the lifestyle and incredible diversity of nature, that Aotearoa offers. She reconnected with her art during her 5-year stint working in the Skydiving Industry. “I found myself with a lot of downtime due to weather conditions. When I saw black iron sand for the first time it inspired me to embrace its unique beauty and sparkly texture in my paintings. Discovering the diversity in shades, sand quickly became my preferred resource to express my artistic ideas.” Nancy says.

Nancy constantly pushes boundaries to create textured art and illusions in sand, by capturing diverse natural patterns and textures to not only engage the viewer visually but also evoke a tactile sensation, inviting them to experience the art with more than just their eyes.

PRESENCE the tui by Nancy Tschetner
“PRESENCE” by Nancy Tschetner was created with 12 shades of pure and natural sand, and 9 shades of crushed glass.

Natures’ mindfulness

Nature is Nancys’s biggest inspiration. Through the healing power and beauty of the natural world, Nancy also aims to connect viewers with nature on a deeper level.

“I like to remind people of the importance of our valuable relationship to Mother Nature. It is this connection that enriches our lives. Every day when I begin my work, I do so intending to remind people to slow down. I see my work as a small but significant part of the healing process that takes place when we reconnect with ourselves, with nature, and with each other.”

Wellington Art Show Across Aotearoa

If you are planning on attending the Wellington art show April 19-21 you will be able to connect with Nancy in person. Come on opening night and you will be able to enjoy a glass of Lawson’s Dry Hills and vote for the next Lawson’s Dry Hills PINK People’s Choice award!

No stranger to the art shows, Nancy has been exhibiting with Kate and John from Art Shows Across Aotearoa ever since their first show in 2014. “I appreciate the opportunities they provide for artists, whether seasoned professionals or emerging talents, with the opportunities for self-development and exposure. I also like the reach of these shows, allowing me to literally showcase my work across Aotearoa.”

Stay in touch with Nancy through Facebook and Instagram and see you at the next Art Show Across Aotearoa.


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